Conveyor Monitoring and Conrol System


The iMAC System is an integrated monitoring and control system, designed specifically for long line distributed monitoring and control for hazardous areas in mining and industry.

A typical installation of an iMAC System comprises of a Controller which drives the two wire communication line, input/output modules, which connect to the communication line and an End of Line Module that ensures the integrity of the communication line. The iMAC system utilizes the latest line driver technology, microprocessors and a patented line protocol, capable of driving lines over 10km’s.

Typical applications are for the control and monitoring of conveyor systems, pumps, fans and gas monitoring systems.  There are many other applications, including railways, where the distributed system is wide spread and there are multiple points requiring interrogation, monitoring and control as well as digital input/output and analogue functions.

The iMAC System has been approved, as intrinsically safe for use with Group I and II gases, using the appropriate IS Master Barrier. This allows the communication lines and input modules to be installed in hazardous locations.

  • Fail safe operation.
  • Two wire control.
  • Digital technology.
  • Interfaces with SCADA Systems.

Specificaly designed for underground coal mining.

MSHA Intrinsic Safety Evaluation No. IA-21292-0

Pennsylvania Approval Number: BOTE 93-08

Data Sheet – iMac-Conveyor-Pull-Cord-v1

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